How to integrate Uberall with your Agendize account

Start by publishing an Agendize scheduling link onto each of your Google My Business listings from your Uberall dashboard

You can customize your email or SMS template to collect client feedback in Google My Business after each appointment.

But integrating your Uberall account with Agendize via Zapier can also help you automate the responses:

Here is how it goes:

  1. Create a new Zap!
  2. Search the UberallĀ app for your trigger
  3. Choose the New Review trigger
  4. Connect your Uberall account
  5. Create a new action and pick the Agendize app
  6. Choose the Get Client in CRM action
  7. Connect your Agendize account
  8. Use the email address from the Uberall trigger to look up your contact in Agendize CRM
  9. Add the Add Note for CRM Client action
  10. Use the client ID from the output of the previous action to map the client who wrote the review
  11. Enter the note's content relying on the review provided by the Uberall trigger

That's it! Your note will be added in your Agendize CRM: