Assign roles to the staffs handling appointments

You can also assign Staff Roles to a staff member (note: even if a staff member is associated with multiple locations, giving a staff member a role will only apply to the selected location) by navigating to Settings from your Dashboard, selecting your Location from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen (if you only have one, skip this step), click Staff, select the staff member you would like to add rights to, and scroll down to the "Staff Roles" section. From here select which role you would like to give that staff member and hit Save

Staff Roles can all be customized by going to the Settings beneath "Scheduling" on your Dashboard, click General Settings, and scroll down to "Staff Roles". From here you can select each of the roles and check the boxes beside what you would like users to have access to.

After you hit Save, an invitation will be sent to the address entered previously informing them that they have been granted rights. If the email address already has an account associated with it, upon clicking Sign in, they will be prompted to sign in in order to connect their account. If the email address does not have an account associated with it, clicking Sign in will prompt the user to create a new account.

Note: new users will need to verify there account through an email sent post creation