Getting Started with Online Appointment Booking on Vendasta marketplace (Resource Mode)

This document will guide you through the process of signing up for Online Appointment Booking from your Business Center, and performing some basic configuration. 

  • Account Signup

  • Editing your default Resources

  • Editing your Scheduling Process and Mode


Account Signup

  1. Once Online Appointment Booking has been enabled by your Agency, you will see it under Active Products in your Business Center.

  2. Select Online Appointment Booking to begin setup.

  3. In the sign-up page, enter a valid email address and a password. We recommend using the main Contact email address for the location. 

  4. For service based appointments configured, please refer to this document (Vendasta: Getting Started with Online Appointment Booking : Service based appointments). In this tutorial, we will configure a company that is resource based. For instance, a gym offering a spinning class with 10 spots available, or a French tutoring center offering lessons with 5 spots available at a given time.

  5. Once complete, select Submit.

  6. Once complete, you will be redirected to the Agendize Dashboard.

  7. At any time, you can return to your Business Center by selecting the button in the top left hand corner of the window. 

Now that your Agendize account is created, you will notice that 2 resources have been automatically created for you to get you started.

Feel free to edit some of the default information that was used to populate your account. 


Editing the Company details

To edit your company details, select Settings on the left hand side of the Dashboard window to access Online Booking settings. 

You can update the following:

  • Company Name: The name of a location

  • Phone: The phone number of a location

  • Email : The email address of a location

  • Description: A brief, customer facing, description of your company

  • Address: This physical address of your location

  • Site URL: This will help your clients to find your business website

  • Company Logo: Upload your logo here to make it visible in your emails to your customers.

  • Time zone: Select your timezone to help the platform manage your appointments across time zones.

  • Company hours 

  • Vacations: creating a vacation time and defining bank holidays for your location will prevent appointments from being made at that time.


Editing the Default Resources

Click on ‘Dashboard’, then ‘Settings’ to access your Online Booking Settings. Go to Resources to edit your default resources but also create new ones.

Here is what you can edit:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Quantity: number of attendees

  • Duration

  • Buffer duration between appointments

  • Availability calculation: you can choose per resource duration or daily (if your location handles resource availability from one day to the other (eg: a hotel room booked from 2pm to the next day)

  • Photo

Click on ‘Open Widget’ next to the name of the resource to see the results.

Editing the Widget

From your ‘Online Booking Settings’, you can customize the look and feel of the widget, including the CSS code to use. 

In this example, we for instance edited some titles, 

as well as the color of the widget.

Click on ‘Open Widget’ to see the results.

Editing the Scheduling Process and Mode

To edit your scheduling rules, select Settings on the left hand side of the Dashboard window to access Online Booking settings. Click then on ‘Scheduling Process’ to choose if appointments need to be reviewed or will be automatically accepted for instance. 

  • Allow customer to specify the number of resources: should the customer be allowed to reserve more than 1 resource at a time (eg: when booking seats for a show, you may want that each client can book additional seats for his/her relatives to attend);
  • Allow customer to book multiple iterations: should the customer be allowed to book more than one iteration (eg: when offering bed&breakfast rooms for booking, you may want that each client can book more than one night).