The Queue Management System Dashboard

How to serve a client

The backoffice provides an interface to monitor the queue, including the waiting time of each client:

When the staff calls for the next client and (s)he shows up, the staff clicks on Serve customer.

The staff can associate tags to add information, for instance:

  • Expectations: follow-up, call next month...
  • Status at the end of the visitor: the sale is made, sign-up for the new insurance product...

The tags show below the client name: 

When the client leaves, the staff clicks on Complete to attend next client in line.

Each client registering at the queue is created or updated in the CRM with an activity reflecting the day/time of the visite, the associated tags (if any) and the attending staff:

How to add a new client in the waiting line

If the store has a front desk to welcome new clients, the staff can use the dashboard to register each client with the + Add Customer button: