Getting Started with Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling on Duda App Store

This tutorial will guide you through the process of signing up for Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling from Duda App Store, and performing some basic configuration. You will also learn how to navigate your account to manage your settings, appointments and contacts.

Account confirmation

Once you signed up for your Agendize account, a wizard will help you to create your company in three steps. Follow them to finish the configuration of your company. If you are unsure about an element, don’t worry ; you can make changes later on.

If you don’t see your business category, select “Other”. You will have the choice between 2 configurations: 

  • A service-based company enables you to define staffs and associated services, along with resources required for each service.

  • A resource-based company only defines material resources to be booked online (eg: hotel rooms, rental service, restaurant tables).

The next steps below relate to a service-based company.

Keep in mind that your account might have limitations on how many services and staff members you can create. This depends on your payment plan. 

Once you have completed your onboarding, you are able to access your console:


By clicking on Dashboard > Settings, you are able to access your Online Booking Settings to: 

  • update information about your company, services, resources, staff

  • customize your booking experience (widget design, data captured at booking, scheduling rules, notifications, online payments)

  • connect to external calendars such as Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calendar

Manage your appointments

You can change your calendar view:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Planning (list of appointments)

Please note that both Daily and Weekly views support appointment drag&drop. If you want to save this as your default view, click the small gear icon in the upper right and click Set as Default View.

Manage your contacts

Clicking on “Contacts” gives you access to your list of contacts (or CRM). A Contact is someone registered into your CRM after an appointment is booked. Contacts can be imported into your CRM using an excel file.


The built-in email-marketing feature can be used to send out newsletters, promotions, or simply information email when your business changes open hours or relocates to a new address. This does require prior marketing consent from each contact, defined in your privacy policy settings. To start an email marketing campaign go to the Contacts section along the top of the page. You can send out an email to your clients if they consent to marketing communication as defined in your privacy policy settings. 

Your floating booking widget

Thanks to the integration with Duda Websites, a booking button is automatically added to your website once your account has been configured. By clicking on this button from the site editor, you can access your Agendize account to customize your booking experience. You can also customize the design of the button from the Duda Global Buttons Design.

Once your website is published, your leads and clients will be able to schedule an appointment according to the experience and rules you set.

Agendize provides you with an automatically generated booking page. You can link it to your Google My Business page or Facebook business listing to generate new leads. You can get the URL for your booking page by clicking on ‘Open Widget’ from your Widget Settings page.

You can now connect to your Google My Business account. In the Info page of your business, click on the website section. Paste your booking URL into the Appointments URL field. 

Please note that you can use GET parameter ?source=gmb (for example) to track later the appointments scheduled from Google My Business. 

Depending on your business category, you might see the Appointment URL field or not, whereas the website field is available for all businesses. In case your business doesn't have an Appointment URL field, you could use the website field as the booking url.

The process with Facebook is quite similar: go on your Facebook Page and click on 'Create Call to Action’. Then Choose a button called 'Book Now’ and paste your booking URL.

Calendar syncing

In order to display only real time availability and prevent double-bookings, you can synchronize an Agendize Calendar with external calendars such as:

  • Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Online (professional accounts)

  • Microsoft (,, Hotmail...)

  • Google Calendar (Gmail)

Once the connector is activated, go to your Staff settings page and invite your employees to synchronize their calendars.