Getting Started with Online Appointment Booking on Vendasta marketplace for a service-based company

This document will guide you through the process of signing up for Online Appointment Booking from your Business Center, and performing some basic configuration. 

  • Account Signup

  • Editing the Default Staff Member

  • Adding Additional Staff

  • Editing Services

Account Signup

  1. Once Online Appointment Booking has been enabled by your Agency, you will see it under Active Products in your Business Center.

  2. Select Online Appointment Booking to begin setup.

  3. In the sign-up page, enter a valid email address and a password. We recommend using the main Contact email address for the location. Once complete, select Submit.

  4. Once complete, you will be redirected to the Agendize Dashboard.

  5. At anytime, you can return to your Business Center by selecting the button in the top left hand corner of the window. 

Now that your Agendize account is created, feel free to edit some of the default information that was used to populate your account. 

Editing the Company details

  1. To edit your company details, select Settings on the left hand side of the Dashboard window to access Online Booking settings. 

  2. You can update the following:

    1. Company Name: The name of a location, as it will be used in email and text messages

    2. Mobile Phone: The phone number of a location

    3. Email : The email address of a location

    4. Description: A brief, customer facing, description of your company

    5. Company Address: This physical address of your location

    6. Site URL: This will help your clients to find your business website

    7. Company Logo: Upload your logo here to make it visible in your emails to your customers.

    8. Office hours: Select your timezone to help the platform manage your appointments across timezones. Your opening hours will be your staff’s default working hours.

    9. Vacations: creating a vacation time and defining bank holidays for your location will prevent appointments from being made at that time.

Editing the Default Staff Member

  1. To edit the information of the default Staff member that was created through signup, select Settings on the left hand side of the Dashboard window to access Online Booking settings. 

  2. From the Online Booking Settings page, select Staff. You will be presented with a page containing the default staff member that was created for the account.

  3. Select the Staff member to edit their settings. Once the modifications have been made, please be sure to select Save.

    Please keep in mind, if the email address is changed for the default staff user, this will not change the email address associated with the account, which was used during the signup stage. At any point, you can verify which email address is linked to the account by selecting ‘Administration’ in the top right hand corner of the platform and selecting ‘Personal Information’. This is the email address that will need to be used when authenticating to other services, such as adding your Online Booking widget to your Facebook page.

  4. To add additional Scheduling Staff to the Online Appointment Booking app, navigate to Online Booking Settings, and select Staff. From this page, select ‘+ Add Staff Member’. Enter contact information, working hours and any other information you wish for the additional staff members.


Editing Services

When a new account is created, there are two services created by default. Please follow these steps to make modifications:

  1. From your Dashboard, select Settings in the left hand side of the screen. 

  2. Within the Online Scheduling Settings page, select Services. 

  3. The services page will display two services that are created by default: Service 1 and Service 2. Select one of these services to open up their settings.

Within the service configuration page, please feel free to edit any of the settings to reflect the services offered by your business. Additional services can also be added from the Services Settings page. There is no limitation on the number of services that can be created. Some of the modifications that can be made:

  • Changing service names

  • Adding service descriptions

  • Changing or removing service prices

  • Adding a Buffer duration to the end of a service

  • Modifying the service duration

  • Selecting which staff member can perform the service

For more information on deploying Online Appointment Booking to websites, Google My Business, Facebook pages or email signatures, please feel free to consult the relevant documentation in this series.