Automate Agendize features with third-party services through Zapier 

In Settings, section Mailing List & CRM of the backoffice, you can find ideas of zaps to plug external services (such as Hubspot, Trello or other online services...) with Agendize through Zapier:

With our Zapier integration, you can:

  • trigger an action when following events occur:
    • a new appointment is booked;
    • a new client is created in CRM;
    • a new form response is submitted;
    • a new phone call is placed;
    • an appointment status is updated (eg: No show, Completed, Pending).
  • do the following actions:
    • create an appointment;
    • create a new client in your CRM;
    • add a note to a client in your CRM;
    • send an email-marketing based on an existing template;
    • create a new location in your account, and pre-configure based on your presets;
    • provision a new client account through your reseller console your reseller console, and pre-configure it ;
    • retrieve the scheduling widget URL and the HTML/JS snippet for the popin integration (including a HTML-protected output so that you can include it in an email);
    • create a new staff in your account;
    • create a new service in your account.

Possible use cases

Here is an example of a workflow that helps you automate demo account creation in your reseller console after each free trial request submitted in an online form:

Other examples

Here are a few other examples of what you could do: