Synchronize your local Exchange calendar with Agendize

Share your unavailabilities from Microsoft Exchange to Agendize

Publish your Exchange calendar on the Internet

In Outlook interface or in Exchange Webmail, select the calendar to publish:

Depend the software version, this could be presented like that:

In the next box, choose the informations to publish.

Note that it's very important to publish only availabilities and not other informations like object, staff members in order to keep them confidential.

Agendize needs only availabilities to caculate available slots.

The software will give you an ICS url.

Use the ICS calendar in Agendize

Go to the Agendize Dashboard in Settings > Staff > List. Choose the staff member to modify, and go to the bottom of the page. Paste the ICS url in the field named Externel iCalendar URL and Save the settings.

Display Agendize appointments in Outlook

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Calendar Sync. Each staff member has an ICS url. Copy the url you need.

Give it to the staff member to let him/her add this address in the Outlook Calendar or in another calendar (iCal for MacOS, Agenda on smartphones, Thunderbird...).

By this double subscription, all the appointments are present in all the calendars and used to caculate availabilities.