Synchronize Agendize with Salesforce CRM and calendar

You can sync Salesforce leads or contacts with Agendize, but also events (bidirectional).

Enable synchronization with Salesforce

Dashboard > Settings > Mailing List & CRM

When you click on the Link your account with your Salesforce Entreprise Account button, you are redirected to the Salesforce authentication (sign-in page).

Synchronization parameters

You can choose to synchronize either leads or contacts between Salesforce and Agendize:

Important notes

  • You cannot synchronize one single Salesforce account with more than 5 distinct Agendize account, because of the 5 tokens limitation on Salesforce side.
  • You need an Enterprise ou Unlimited Salesforce account to synchronize with a third party tool such as Agendize.
  • Events will be created in Salesforce only if you use staffs in Agendize.