White label settings

Brand name and logo

In Settings > White label, you can manage white labeling parameters, including logo and account favicon. These settings will apply for customer accounts by default.

Backoffice colors and behavior

You can add customize your customers' backoffice interface with links to custom CSS and Javascript (JS) files. You can also add a Help button on top of your customer backoffice interface. You simply have to enable the setting and fill in your support URL:

The help button will show up on the top right hand corner:

You can choose the colors of the backoffice interface, for both sidebar and menu backgrounds:

Dashboard links

You can also define the items and related URL that should be displayed in the backoffice header and footer, such as:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Online support website
  • ...

Email senders

Email addresses used as senders can be defined here:

Widget settings

Footer legal notes

The widgets can be configured not to mention Agendize, and your own privacy policy & legal URLs can be inserted. You can embed your reseller chat widget to provide an easy way for your customers to get in contact with you, right from their backoffice interface: 


Supported languages

You can choose which languages should be offered to clients when booking an appointment for instance: