Managing services (types of appointments) and resources (meeting room, seat...)

Create and link together your services and resources

You can create both services and resources in the scheduling settings:

Note that your booking widget needs at least 1 service to be set, whereas resources are optional.

The same way you can link staff members to your services, you can now also link resources to them:

This means each time a given service is booked, all resources linked to it will be booked as well. If for a time slot the total amount of any resource linked to a service is booked, the service will not be bookable in that time slot.

The same way you can customize each staff member's availability, you can now set what days and times resources are available for what services:

Other new settings

Together with the complete resource management, this update brings some cool new features to customize your services, like the overnight service:

Benefits & Examples

This new business mode allows to handle both services and resources. It allows Agendize's scheduling to adapt to even more complex business models.

Examples of scenarios:

  • house visits that need both a real estate agent to be available (to attend the visit, which is the service), and the house to be available for visits (it's the resource).
  • beauty salons requiring material (resources) that limit the booking capacity whereas there are enough staff members to provide the service.

Business continuity

As we deliver new functionalities, it is very important for us to keep supporting previous functionalities and workflows.


  • All the existing companies (either service or resource based) will still work.
  • Via the User Interface, all companies will be created with services and resources, except for companies with the following two industries: Restaurant > Restaurant and Other > Resource-based bookings. Those will only have resources, and no services.

  • Using our APIs, companies will be created with services and resources, unless their scheduledItems parameter is set to resource. All the API calls formerly used for service-based companies will still work with services and resources. 

Please note that once a company created it's not possible to switch a company from one mode to another.