How to synchronize Pipedrive CRM with Agendize

Agendize provides a connector for Pipedrive CRM. You will be able to see the contacts you have in Pipedrive when booking an appointment for a new customer from your Agendize backoffice.

If a new contact is created in Agendize (for instance when an user books an appointment from the scheduling widget), it will be created both in Agendize CRM and in Pipedrive CRM.

Step-by-step guide

In Pipedrive

Locate the URL of your Pipedrive account (you will need to paste if for step 4 in Agendize):

Locate the API key by clicking Settings at the top right hand corner:

Click API and copy it (you will also need to paste it in step 4):

In Agendize

  1. Log into Agendize
  2. Go to Dashboard settings
  3. Click on Mailing List & CRM
  4. Scroll to the bottom and locate the Pipeline connector click on the checkbox, put in the URL of your Pipedrive account and paste the API key