Chat Console Basics

The Chat console

To access the Chat Console, from your Dashboard, click on Chat Console along the left side of the screen. The next screen you see is the Chat Console home, in order to go online so clients can start live chats with you click the button on the top right that says Offline, and select the option for the dropdown menu that says Online.

Answering a Live Chat

When a new live chat is initiated by a user a tone will play for the operator and a new chat box will appear on the left of the screen. If a particular chat operator wishes to take a new conversation, they simply need to click on the chat box on the left of the screen and start typing in the field labeled "Start typing to reply".  In addition to being able to send plain 

To end a Live chat conversation, simply click the options button towards the upper right corner and select Close the chat, in the next window select the button that says Close this chat to finalize the end of a conversation. 

Integration with Contacts

In the upper right corner you have tools that work in tandem with the build in CRM. Chat operations have easy access to quickly add a note and book and appointment under the Options button.

By clicking See the profile  a section will open up beside the conversation with the customers info in it. 

File Sharing

The Chat Console allows operators to send files to a user by clicking the small chain link icon to the left of the text field for chat and then clicking Send a file. If an operator needs a user to send them a file, such as a screenshot, they can easily toggle the feature on and off by clicking the small chain link icon and the clicking Enable file sharing.

Conversation History

All conversations in the chat console are automatically recorded and saved for future reference. These conversations can be viewed clicking Conversation History on the left side of the screen. From this screen you can search for a conversation from the search bar at the top of the screen, and once you have found the desired conversation, select it to view it.

Chat Settings

You can access your chat console's settings by selecting Settings on the left side of the screen. The first area we can edit are the Sound Options. From here a chat operator can select or mute the three different alert tones.

"Enable Staff Feedback" allows you to enable chat operators to leave a satisfaction rating, comment, or both on a customer interaction for future reference. 

Chat Operators can also set up custom shortcuts for predefined messages.