How to create a direct link to a group of services?

Solution 1: Open the widget from the group's settings

Go to the service groups settings page : Dashboard > Settings > Service then choose the Groups tab. On the top right hand corner, you can click on the button Open Widget to open the widget only for that specific service:

Solution 2: Find the group ID

Navigate to your Dashboard, click Settings under "Scheduling" on the left of the screen, select the company (if you have multiple locations) which has the service group you are trying to make a direct link to, click Services, then "Group", then click the particular grpup you are trying to link to. In the full URL in the search bar at the top of the screen at the end of the URL there will be a string of numbers next to "&id=", copy the numbers to your clipboard (this is your group ID).

Following that go to your Widget to test. Once you have launched the widget go up to the search bar and at the end of the link type "&serviceGroups=" then insert the the group ID copied to your clipboard earlier at the end of the full URL in the search bar. This new URL will display to your clients only the service group you set.

You can also display several defined service groups by adding at the end of the widget URL link "&serviceGroups=" then the group IDs separated by commas : "&serviceGroups=Goup1id,Group2id,Group3id"