How to add your online scheduling button and widget to your WIX website

Agendize technologies already allow you to insert the most powerful conversion tools on the market into your Weebly website. This tutorial will further show you how to integrate Agendize Appointment Scheduling into your easy-to-build WIX website.

Go to Installation, and then find the tool you want to add to your website. Click on the Publish button, and you'll then be able to copy the code for the tool you want to integrate.

  • If you want to add the scheduling button which will open the scheduling widget as follows:


then copy the code under the "Website (HTML)" category 

  • if you prefer to insert the appointment scheduling widget into a whole page, as below: 


 then copy the code under the iFrame category.

Be sure to save this text for later. 

Now go to your WIX account and find the "build" page. Click on the plus button on the left panel, then navigate to the "More" sub-menu and select HTML Code.


A Grey square will appear. Select an appropriate size and paste the code you just saved. Note that in both cases (button or iframe) you need to make the square as big as the scheduling widget. If you chose your WIX website to be mobile-responsive, you will also need to adapt the square for mobile viewing.

Now, simply publish your updated website and your visitors will be able to use the appointment tool you just added! Have fun!