Can I change the color of the widget?

Note: This article only applies to the former version of the scheduling widget



You can use custom CSS or JS to fine-tune the look&feel of you widget. Here is an example, along with the associated CSS:

Customization Options for the Widget

You can add your CSS, change the color or add an image of your choice to the header. To do this, open your Dashboard, click on Settings, then Widget, click on Advanced Settings, and then scroll down to the the "Design" section.

Changing the Color of the Header 

In the "Widget header color" field, put the the hexadecimal code of the color you want. You can find the hexadecimal code for any color here


Here is how it looks: 

Adding an Image to the Header 

You'll find below an example of the CSS code necessary to add an image to your header. Just adapt it with your image, and copy/paste it in the "CSS code to use in widget" text area. 


CSS code: 

background-image:url('INSERT YOUR URL HERE');
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Put the URL of the image of your choice. Here's how it looks: 

And of course you can combine color and image!

If you know more about CSS, you can try to add other things! Feel free to customize your widget.

CSS code sample

A CSS code example for the widget is provided here: