You can customize your booking widget to taylor its behaviour to your needs once your customer has clicked on your booking button. 

To do so, open your Dashboard (1), click on Settings (2) and then Widget Fields (3).

Scheduling form

When finalizing the appointment booking, your customer will be asked to provide a set of information by completing a form. By default, these are :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email

You can add as many fields (1) as you wish, using one of the following fields format:

  • Text
  • Text area
  • File upload
  • Multiple Choice
  • Check box
  • Client Language (allows you to know which language to use to contact your client and to send the appropriate template based on this information)
  • Client reference (if you have a unique client id, you can ask for it here)
  • Notification type (allowing your client to choose if they want to be notified by text and/or email)
  • Additional email address for notifications (allowing to cc someone to the appointment notifications)
  • Reminder type (allowing your client to choose if they want to receive their appointment reminders by text and/or email).

You can note that the information collected in a "CRM field" will complete the contact sheet.

Scheduling form specific to a service :

You can create a form specific to the service selected by the client in the first steps of the scheduling process.

You just have to add a form :

To name it :

And to select the linked service(s) :

You can now chose the additional fields you want to have for this specific service.

Don't forget to save the form (at the bottom of the page) !

You can reach the different forms by selecting a sheet :