How to create multiple locations or addresses for online scheduling

Duplicate an existing company or create a new one

To create a new location, you can duplicate an existing one from its Company settings page. Alternatively, you can go to Installation > Install Online Scheduling Section> Create New.

Then chose "Create a company"

You will then be able to configure this new "Company" as your business location. Please note that you will need to create a separate booking button for each of your locations.

Manage all your locations/stores in the scheduling widget

If your company has several addresses (or franchises), you might want to see all your locations in your widget.

To do so, go in your Dashboard Settings and click on the 'Widget' part. Then tick the box 'Allow client to choose the location', save your modifications and you're done! 

Below is the view of your widget before the booking. You will see all your company locations.