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Improve API Documentation


Could you please improve API Documentation with more explanations / definitions and concrete examples of use cases ?

I'm a web developper, used to code every day, but not an Agendize specialist.

For example, if you see this page :

What is a Watchers ? (ok, I see "The Watchers API empowers you to watch your client interactions." but what does it mean precisely ?

What is the purpose of this API ? Is it possible to have concrete example like the one we see in the forum ? These examples are perfect to understand the use of the API.

Hope this request could helps you to build a better documentation and helps other developers.

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Watchers enable you to notify a third-party server when a specific event happens with your Agendize account. For instance, you can create a watcher for a company's appointments, so that each new appointment will be posted to the third-party server with the JSON structure of the appointment. It works as a webhook triggered when an event occurs.

To give it a test, you can create such watcher using our PHP code sample that creates a new watcher: You can use to create an URL that will collect all new appointments sent by the watcher: service will help you see how the watcher works, and see all appointment created sent over by the watcher.

I hope this help!

Please let me know,


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